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What People Are Saying About LUXZ........

Just a few recent reviews from some of our wonderful customers.......Thank You!





"Love Roxanne!!! she is so nice and very professional. I also love her new suite, very clean and good taste in decor. Just a great experience every time I go (this is my 3rd time) and it keeps getting better!"



Maria Simoes said:

"She is amazing! I'm coming back!! "



Eileen Weber said:

"Incredible service; gentle, precise, informative. I felt very special."



Love It!!!



"this was a super calming, pleasant experience. so much so that I signed up for 5 more sessions. the overall time spent was rejuvenating on so many levels."






"I may return. I loved it but it is pricey for my bank account now. Great atmosphere, service, friendly relaxing & my skin was soo nice smooth & soft after."



"great treatment, nice atmosphere, professional service. really liked it!"



"Roxanne is great. She really cares about you and your skin. She explains everything she does and gives you her expertise advice on which product or treatment would be most effective for you. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family."



"Luxz treatment was very good. My skin looks great!"

It was a pleasure meeting you. Please take care and call me if you need anything. Thank you & Aloha............... Roxanne LUXZ



Was a wonderful experience!!



It was beautiful inside, very clean and the esthetician was awesome! Left with great facial results, literally smelling like roses and feeling blissful~


​I would highly recommend this business to the most discerning of clientele. They will be delighted


Great Experience!


The owner/esthetician made me feel very comfortable (for a first-timer) at this procedure/process. She explained and demonstrated the what and why of the tools and treatment. I loved it and it made a noticeable difference on a first visit so much so that I've already prepaid for three more treatments and can't to see the very end result. Skincare is so crucial. It's not about the make-up, it must start with the skincare.


More coupons please...


Luxz Esthetics was an amazing experience. The oxygen Intraceuticals facial with microdermabrasion was so refreshing and my skin was glowing! Roxanne was very informative and professional.

9-16-2012  Wonderful!


Roxanne was awsome.​  Professional, caring, kind. 


Clinic was very nice and welcoming. Displayed excellent customer service on phone and in person, very flexible with scheduling


The microdermabrasion treatment was so relaxing and my skin looked so soft and smooth afterwards. Roxanne does a wonderful job. I'll go back again.


Wow! Roxy was amazing, professional, caring and the spa is beautiful and very clean. A great treatment! Nice that parking was included. Thank you Roxy for a great experience.



Roxanne is a delight and makes you feel like your hanging out with a friend that knows a lot about skin. she is very personable and trusting. I know she is trying to help me, and not just sell me her services. I am definitely going back!


Absolute wonderful relaxing experience . The place was so comforting . I wish i wasn't leaving the island ..i would go once a month at least. Highly recommend this place:-D

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Always an awesome and professional experience at Luxz. Roxanne is very professional. The atmosphere is always clean, comfortable and relaxing. I would recommend this place to anyone.



My first encounter with Roxanne I had to cancel the same day as appointment. She was very understanding and made me want to reschedule. I rescheduled a month later and I am so happy I did. Roxanne makes you feel warm and welcome upon entering and throughout your entire procedure. I enjoyed my session so much I scheduled an appointment two months out to return again. Highly recommended and you won't be disappointed!



Absolutely Amazing!  Upon entering Luxz, Roxanne greets you with a warm smile and friendly demeanor and kindly asks if you would like a beverage.  Scanning the quaint lobby, you notice how clean and luxurious the waiting area is with all the beautiful little details in the décor, which instantaneously provides you with a sparkly feast for your eyes.  The lobby is beautifully decorated and I immediately start to feel very relaxed as I patiently await my treatment.  Once in the treatment room, Roxanne goes to work and I am transported into another world...I am so relaxed at this point.  I decided to get the micro-demabrasion, microcurrent treatment and Roxanne kindly gave me an oxygen rich, intraceutical treatment as well.  The microcurrent treatment was totally amazing, I saw my face "lift" was a tingly and delightful experience one that I would definitely recommend...and I really SAW the results.  I thoroughly enjoyed the intraceutical treatment and my face felt smooth and supple...I could feel and SEE the difference between when I walked in the treatment room and upon leaving my treatment.  Roxanne is a well-skilled professional, who seriously takes an interest in her clients and she  provided me with not only a 5-star facial but took the time to determine what would be the best treatment for me.  Luxz is everything you can expect...AND MORE!!!  THANK YOU ROXANNE!!!



Results vary from person to person but for my boyfriend and I, we felt and saw the benefits instantly from the microdermabrasion and elastin infusion package.  Roxanne is very friendly as well as knowledgable.  She makes you feel at home and like your family.  Her office is immaculate, my boyfriend described it as a "five star hotel", he felt like he had to take off his slippers to walk inside because it was so clean and nice!  I bought the package from groupon and redeemed it a few months back.  It was about to expire yet Roxanne accommodated me and let me use it even after the expiration date.  The treatment was so good that I purchased a couple more, one for my boyfriend to try and one for myself again.Today was his treatment and he said it was so awesome that we should write another 5 star review for her.  He looks younger for sure and we will definitely be coming to see her again.  He thinks he discovered the fountain of youth!  Haha!  Thank you Roxanne!!



Not difficult to find, but I'm not a frequent flier of downtown so I got here early thinking I could just wait until my appointment time. Don't do that. There is nowhere to wait and you'll get scolded if you wait in the hallway. So you'll need to sit outside the building like you're in a timeout. How embarrassing. I guess I can blame my obsessive/compulsive hatred of being late on that. I was determined not to let that ruin my experience!
When I did get back up to the 12th floor at my scheduled time, I knocked on the door and was greeted by Roxanne. The ambiance in the room is inviting and relaxing and I felt very comfortable and at ease. I filled out a short questionnaire about my skin, my habits and goals for my skin. As the other reviews state, Roxanne showed me the instrument she would be using for the microdermabraision as well as explained the process for the microcurrent treatment I would also be getting. During the treatments I was very comfortable and relaxed, Roxanne asked me questions and was genuinely interested in my answers, she was very professional and kind. My face feels incredible and looks amazing. She validated my parking, so no worries there. I will definitely be going back for further treatments, this was a great experience.



I have been seeing Roxanne for facials for nearly a year now, after finding her through an online coupon deal. She is AMAZING. I rarely used to get facials (they can be expensive and I'm a private school teacher (aka practically broke all the time) and I didn't see lasting results from them before), but I go to her every two months now. She is an awesome person, so generous, so knowledgeable ... I can't say enough great things about her and her business. Her prices are absolutely fair, lower than other places with the same services, and she offers the best, newest technology. My face has never ever looked better.

I HIGHLY recommend her, if you ever get a facial anywhere, go to Roxanne at Luxz. I rarely leave reviews for places but I'm making a point to for her because she's that good.



I purchased a Groupon for a microdermabrasion. Conveniently scheduled my appointment through the website. Loved the automatic reminders the website sends 2 days before your appointment and then one more the day before for you to confirm that you will show up. Being that it was a Saturday it was a breeze getting into town and I was able to find parking right as I got into the garage. With 4 elevators running at full speed I was quickly whisked to the 12th floor. I did think it was weird that I had to ring a door bell to get in but I completely understood why, for security reasons being that Roxanne is the only person in the office and if she's with a client then there's no one in the front. I was amazed when she opened the door with a welcoming, "Hello Darci, come on in." She had a trendy/cozy waiting area where I waited while she finished up with her current client. Before we began she explained everything to me & showed me the diamond wand that she would be using. Roxanne is very thorough. The treatment room was very clean and inviting. Roxanne explained everything she was going to do even down to sanitizing her hands. Afterwards I felt my skin and it was 10x smoother and looked way cleaner than when I walked in. Roxanne offered me a great deal for my next microdermabrasion if I prepaid, so of course I took up the opportunity. I think I just found my monthly microdermabrasion oasis!

Darci N. Aiea, Hi.

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1-31- 2015

Great customer service! Validated parking as well.



Roxanne is wonderful!



Not a tip but I enjoyed it so much I have already booked another visit



This was an outstanding facial!! Can't wait to go back.



It was a wonderful experience.



Roxanne was awesome at working with me to address the issues I was having with my skin.



Clean well designed space. Discount treatment a bit pricey. It was a god treatment.



Pleasant and professional



Relaxing nd purchased more



Roxanne was very informative and made a special effort to get me in within a day of my initial call. The treatment was awesome and I can still see a difference in my facial muscles.


10- 30, 2013

wonderful all around experience!



Luxz is great! My skin looks better after one treatment.



I had a wonderful and relaxing experience at Luxz Esthetics. Roxanne was amazing and I would recommend her spa treatments!



Best spa service ever. Thank you so much groupon for this amazing experiance and I finally found a wonderful spa for my future facials..yeahhhhh

Wonderful experience. Very well appointed business suite and Roxanne is extremely professional. No high pressure sales, just great service. The worst part of my experience is that I got transferred to Maui and cannot take advantage of Roxanne's fantastic services long distance. Honestly, the very best facial I have ever experienced.

Roxanne is a wonderful, caring person and is an excellent esthetician. I highly recommend her services. I plan on using her services from now on.



Thanks for making me look good!!



Roxanne is great, explains everything and is very careful to check that you are comfortable with the process.



Loved it!



Wow! Roxanne was fantastic! Already scheduled



Wonderful! I'm going back!



I loved going to Luxz Esthetics !! It was so relaxing. Very nice, clean. The best thing is I looked great when I was done. My skin was really good. Thank you. I'll be back. Christine


Roxanne is the best. Both times I have been I have seen immediate results!


The facial was nice and would have been a relaxing experience -- but she would not stop asking me questions about myself during the entire facial!? Even I gave one word answers to her questions ( to politely show that I didn't want to converse) but then she'd merely ask yet another question! Then when the treatment finished and I exited the room, she made it very clear with her body language that she wanted me to leave immediately. I did- and I won't be back...  (I am so sorry but I was just trying to be friendly.  And I did not want her to leave.  I called her and offered her a complementary treatment of her choice which she said she will use.  I'll keep quiet this time....Roxanne)


Great Service!


Lovely Treatment.


Thank you!  I can see the differance!


Roxy is super nice and very professional!


Roxanne is very professional and explains everything before she performs care on her clients.


It was very refreshing and I can tell from one treatment that it helps my skin.


Wonderful experiance.  Thank you so much!


Wonderful treatment,can't wait for my next one!


Thank you Roxy for such a VIP treatment ad making my skin feel 100 times better!

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