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Microcurrent Before & After Pictures

Notice the improvement in: Reduced wrinkles - Lifting and opening of the eye - Skin Toning - Acne and Rosacea reduction

Microcurrent Facial Stimulation - Rejuvenate Your Skin With The Non-Surgical Facelift

Microcurrent Stimulation is a cell rejuvenation system based on the research conducted in


How does this compare to Botox or Restylan?


Microcurrent treats your skin from the inside out. It gets rid of wrinkles instead of filling them in or paralyzing them. The procedure repairs your entire complexion, not only the area treated, so your entire face looks years younger.


Expected Results:


Results are dramatic in one treatment. With an optimum number of treatments (6-12) and maintenance visits (six to eight-week touch ups) results are permanent and brings back the freshness and glow of your natural beauty. Oprah & Dr. Phil express that Microcurrent is the greatest new result oriented alternative to plastic surgery. The non-surgical facelift!



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